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Drew Turner  🌹 17/07/2018 05:47
Just finished watching last night's episode @Shawna and I cant imagine what was going through your mind while covering Helsinki. Great report.
Madcap, frenetic, lightning fast: On stage, Robin Williams was seemingly impossible to contain. But a new documentary, "Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind," tries to pin down the man whose public per...
Mike Holden #FBPE 17/07/2018 05:46
Utter cowardice by Parliament. They may as well go home now, never mind voting for 5 days holiday just fuck off now till we're out.
A new film about Robin Williams begins with his appearance on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton. Lipton says: "How do you explain the mental reflexes that you deploy with such awesome speed? ...
AQUARIUS Astrology 17/07/2018 05:45
When an #Aquarian mind is made up that they are not interested, they will never be interested.
'McQueen' trailer goes inside the mind of designer Alexander McQueen The documentary explores the life of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who started his career in his teens before launchi...
Cameron Kasky 17/07/2018 05:38
I absolutely love watching people on the left seeing the right losing their mind about Trump supporting dictators and enjoying one of the most blatantly obvious “I told you so” moments of the 21st century.
Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind seesaws between hilarity and melancholy as it tracks the rise of one of the great American comics. Williams committed suicide in 2014, and the central question runn...
b o n n i e 17/07/2018 05:37
Yuh see this likkle pop dung phase yah, me nuh too mind it cause when it's done it's gonna be a great story
During Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in May, Lady Kitty Spencer managed to do the impossible — steal the spotlight from the bride. The 27-year-old stunned onlookers with her likeness to her ...
do you mind
do you mind <br>http://pic.twitter.com/wYKgOhUdgR
Dreams s 17/07/2018 05:30
Aww smita gondkar.. Doesn't like disrespecting teacher calling them mad.. True.. Even in task one shd keep that in mind.. Limit shd not b crossed.. Didn't like pushkr's throwing slate on ground too #BiggBossMarathi #BBMarathi #BiggBossMarathiS1
Ben 17/07/2018 05:16
If you wouldn’t mind ReTweeting. Help a brother out
If you wouldn’t mind ReTweeting. Help a brother out  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/UvkZIHRICh
Mind y’all that Tear is still in the top 50 of the BB200. She is NOT moving out soon #BTSARMY #ChoiceFandom #TeenChoice @BTS_twt #GoldForJimin
s h α d y 17/07/2018 05:06
everything is so dark in my mind.
Inês 17/07/2018 05:02
Train your mind to see the good in everything
Train your mind to see the good in everything <br>http://pic.twitter.com/elxp9tzBs4
The PCs blow the mind of a rampaging werewolf by sitting him down and simply asking, "Yes, but why wolf?"
XopaS @ COMMS OPEN 17/07/2018 04:55
Hoseok is part of the hyung and maknae line you can't change my mind
I hate when people try to make you feel even worse when you struggle to “be positive” It’s hard to be positive when you are fighting a war in your mind every day.
Magi dayo~♪ 17/07/2018 04:45
Jakurai start talking about Ramuda's past & Ramuda told Jakurai to stop talking. Jakurai: Fufufu, I'm sorry to say this Amemura-kun, but I don't think I can like you. Ramuda: I don't mind that, because I also really really really hate Jakurai~
John Fugelsang 17/07/2018 04:44
"I don't mind paying more taxes than people who don't have as much as I do. America has been good to me, and I want to give back." -Elvis Presley, patriotic millionaire.
Brent Conner 17/07/2018 04:42
dear parents, when kids are “talking back”, we are just speaking our mind. don’t take us as being rude and talk down on us for sharing our thoughts, because that will just conceal us from speaking our mind in the future. thanks.
America Resurgent 17/07/2018 04:40
Trump's mind is marred by undeserved self-confidence and hindered by a complete lack of intellectual curiosity.
She really wore a LWYMMD look with a snake print backpack on #NationalSnakeDay, huh? She snapped so hard. Her mind is so powerful.
She really wore a LWYMMD look with a snake print backpack on #NationalSnakeDay, huh? She snapped so hard. Her mind is so powerful. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/XKeKlC65dx
I’m not that person who wishes people bad things but wouldn’t mind Simon falling off the stairs again.
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