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Biblioteka PG 03/01/2018 11:01
Open Access vs. Traditional Journals? "Making the Choice: Open Access vs. Traditional Journals", Sarah Conte - bit.ly/2CJEZCR   #openaccess #traditionaljournals #hybridjournals #researchvisibility #researchcost #researchprestige #impactfactor #researchspeed
JOHN WILEY & SONS INC Mon, 12 Feb 2018 08:31:00 GMT
John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE:JWa ... KEMÖ-affiliated institutions will also be able to publish unlimited open access articles in Wiley's hybrid journals at no charge to the author. Brigitte Kromp, University of Vienna, Head of the Austrian Central ...
Soline Lau-Suchet 13/10/2015 10:25
Or is it? " Time will say..." #HybridJournals #jao2015
UK funder explains clamp-down on open access Sat, 12 Apr 2014 11:29:00 GMT
A third reason is the growth of open-access journals, and hybrid journals, that have made it easier to publish open-access papers. Ourselves and the NIH are really the only ones who are actively publishing our compliance levels and have clear sanctions.
Bryan Vickery 16/09/2015 11:56
NWO funded research must be freely accessible on publication - no embargo. NWO funds #OA fees but no longer for #hybridjournals #coasp
and also in so-called "hybrid" journals that combine paid-for and free articles. But it says that "a clear policy direction should be set" by the Government for support for the idea of open access research, funded by article publishing fees that are paid ...
Paul Thirion 16/09/2015 06:39
"OA articles are being erroneously hidden behind subscription-access walls" #hybridjournals #Not_OA https:// twitter.com/f_renaville/st atus/643877831919865856   …
These “hybrid” journals are costly to the sector as they still charge libraries for subscriptions to the journal but individual authors also pay a fee to publish open access within that journal. Hybrid journals tend to charge more per article than ...
@wendysotonlib "German funders not funding #hybridjournals" Good to hear that, generally. #liber2015
It also says that the public agencies that finance research should “establish more effective and flexible arrangements to meet the costs of publishing in open-access and hybrid journals.” The main additional cost will be from publishing in open-access ...
Wendy White 24/06/2015 03:15
German funders not funding #hybridjournals, are funding APC only models including Optical Society of America. Better approach? #liber2015
LSHTM Open Access 02/03/2015 02:11
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Open Access in the UK by @torstenreimer #hybridjournals #oa http://www. slideshare.net/TorstenReimer/ the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-open-access-in-the-u   … via @SlideShare
@gilles.moriniere 18/01/2015 11:07
#APC #RLUK #hybridjournals RT @mdelhaye: Unravelling the true cost of publishing in #openaccess zite.to/1ybX2dC  
Denise Troll Covey 15/05/2014 02:16
Changes in Support for Open Access: Laudatory or Predatory #hybridjournals #openaccess http://www. slideshare.net/dtrollcovey/ch anges-in-support-for-open-access-laudatory-or-predatory   … via @SlideShare
Mikael K. Elbæk 14/11/2013 09:59
Does any #library or #university out there have a clue about or method to monitor their researchers articles published in #hybridJournals?
DDuterr 25/10/2013 09:59
So @CambridgeJnls offer authors to pay APCs through PCI. Great! But how about OA usage stats for us librarians? #hybridjournals #openaccess
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