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DJ mmmmmmm, ok. 26/05/2018 02:17
G.O.O.D. vs OVO? STAHP. Y'ALL ARE BIG BUGGING. We gon act like G.O.O.D. Friday's didn't happen?!
The Joseph Khan-directed clip is shot in black-and-white and puts a humorous spin on high-class life, with Lopez, in the opening moments, rolling a diamond-studded bowling ball down the hall of a mansion. Elsewhere, the pop star plays poker with a trio of ...
DJ Pain 1 26/05/2018 02:16
Somebody just asked me, "Can I use your beat for nun profit?" And I was thinking, why would I let the catholic church make money off of me like that?
The bible says that he who has found a wife has found a good thing and according to DJ Neptune, that scripture refers to him. Speaking with Saturday Beats, the disc jockey said that he is blessed to have a wife who is both his biggest fan and critic.
vocalist seungri 26/05/2018 02:09
nhr will start collaborating with yg artists do you understand how big this is for those djs..... seungrI really secured their future
“Certain elements are like a house party, where people hang out, but they really go for it later, like a rave,” says Murphy. “People actually dance instead of staring at a DJ and waiting for drops. And it doesn’t hurt your ears.” Which it could ...
파룬 (semi-hiatus) 26/05/2018 01:57
Other important notes: - Seungri's comeback will be a regular album - HIGHGRND will move into YGX - YGX will work with Seungri's label NHR (Natural High Records) for future works, plans on releasing collabs between NHR DJs + YG artists
Even behind a black-and-white tint, the glitz and glamour of Jennifer Lopez’s “Dinero” video still shines brightly. On Thursday (May 24), J.Lo debuted the Joseph Khan-directed reel which stars fellow Bronx bomber Cardi B and the summer radio mainstay ...
Cess here 26/05/2018 01:52
DJ will be on Rated K this Sunday @imdanielpadilla @bernardokath #KathNailsBellaGiornata | #KathNailsxRobinsonsManila
Having already shared a video of her heartfelt speech to Basetsana Khumalo earlier this week, the "Catching Feelings" star also had some kind words for her BFF, DJ Zinhle, and their friendship that came out of "nowhere". While a big part of Thusi's speech ...
This is good for hip hop
ً 26/05/2018 01:34
DJ Sunshine #MaineDKNLKBukasNa
dj chloe hotline 26/05/2018 01:28
DJ mmmmmmm, ok. 26/05/2018 01:19
I'd honestly say we got a good rap battle going on. I'm pleased with the quality from both parties.
DJ Chris Major 26/05/2018 01:10
Drake really goes all out with the pettiness lol
Drake really goes all out with the pettiness lol<br>
DJ First Class™ 26/05/2018 01:08
Pusha T: Anybody want a feature on this Drake Diss? Every Artist On G.O.O.D Music:
Akronympho 26/05/2018 12:34
People are so quick to blame satanic imagery for their nightmares and sleep paralysis after a rave. Bitch no it's all the fuckin drugs you're coming off of.
KathNiel Chapter 26/05/2018 12:22
DJ Fuck The Cops 26/05/2018 12:09
I am single taken mentally retarded
DJ CLARK KENT 26/05/2018 12:08
Reminder (I’ve said it before) : Rap Is A Contact Sport.. When you get hit, you hit back. And, vice-versa.. Until one has to tap out.
Black history parade in Panama 2018 #MesDeLaEtniaNegra
agatha starling 25/05/2018 11:55
dj do bailinnn cachorron safadunn
Jasmine 25/05/2018 11:32
Hundreds of dollars worth of beads in one photo lol. Kandi kids galore! One of my favorite pics from the weekend. #EDCLV2018
Hundreds of dollars worth of beads in one photo lol. Kandi kids galore! One of my favorite pics from the weekend. #EDCLV2018<br>
DJ Akademiks 25/05/2018 11:29
Pusha T on the clock.
I will be taking unofficial visits to: Alabama, June 11-12 #RollTide Clemson, June 13-14 #ALLIN
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