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Best tweets:

So lit
I love this for ultra-smooth, head-to-toe softness. It leaves skin glowing! Hurraw! Vata Lip Balm, Β£4.99, lovelula.com. This all-natural balm is based on the principles of my dosha [an Ayurvedic personality type]. The balm is made from nourishing ...
VTata 24/06/2018 05:27
I need Jungkook eye makeup tutorial https:// twitter.com/stepbystep0901 /status/1010625454993264640   …
According to Ayurveda, our mind-body system governs our health, as the thoughts in our mind lead to various reactions in our body. Both the terms are inseparable and hence to decipher one’s health issues it’s important to understand the mind-body type.
VTata 23/06/2018 05:41
I only believe until I see the real evidence https:// twitter.com/headliner_jk/s tatus/1010553416999768064   …
As an athletic trainer, Jimi Cantu is living out the promise he made to himself after his best friend was injured while playing football and subsequently died in 1972. Cantu, currently the Lopez Lobos’ athletic trainer, has spent 36 years in his chosen ...
VTata 22/06/2018 01:56
Our Jimin fall cutely but still pls becareful :( https:// twitter.com/parkluv1013/st atus/1010155190966632449   …
Syovata Edari, known to friends as Vata, knows better than most chocolatiers how to navigate the legal challenges of a new business. So it may be particularly surprising that Edari, a criminal defense lawyer with years of experience in federal court ...
VTata 22/06/2018 01:31
Tae is like BST era https:// twitter.com/busan1310/stat us/1010150234603782144   …
Soffer also works with patients to create pre-wedding dietary plans to bring ultimate harmony to their dosha (one of the three Ayurvedic mind-body types that express unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics, called Vata, Pitta ...
VTata 22/06/2018 01:24
OMFGGG JUNGKOOK https:// twitter.com/aegyotaetae/st atus/1010148620614754304   …
V TATA fan account 22/06/2018 01:11
Der's no words to define how gorgeous he is #KimTaehung @BTS_twt
Der's no words to define how gorgeous he is  #KimTaehung @BTS_twt<br>http://pic.twitter.com/eoVaxc36Sz
VTata 21/06/2018 01:21
Tae end up exploding himself with new hair colour and quickly deleted it HAHAHHAA
VTata 21/06/2018 12:42
Now I really do love myself https:// twitter.com/chimmypics/sta tus/1009759681080905728   …
VTata 21/06/2018 10:24
Oh SHIT BTS world tour in Seoul ticket is selling next week!
O MY GOD<br>http://pic.twitter.com/kgiQsCDnCf
"OK Google, how to be like tan-ie?"
"OK Google, how to be like tan-ie?"  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/52dNJyKszn
V TATA fan account 20/06/2018 10:59
I love u kim taehyung @BTS_twt
VTata 20/06/2018 09:32
Lil meow meow looking so small
Twitter is nothing without u i really miss u
ひょγͺ 19/06/2018 01:11
I love you
I still miss RUN BTS
VTata 16/06/2018 04:26
When the staff asked β€œ Why do you like BTS” and her answer hit me so hard β€œ It really hard not falling to genuine talent attractive” #nothingbutfact @BTS_twt
VTata 16/06/2018 04:54
γ… γ…  I suddenly feel so free and empty https:// twitter.com/naaadmd/status /1007623014207258626   …
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