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A cottage stay in Midsomer, given his enthusiasm for the county. Given it's a fictional county, this could prove difficult. At a push he could try the Somerset town of Midsomer Norton. Here's a fact for the footballer: the original writer of the show ...
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Baxter's played five World Cup qualifiers and from those he's lost four. That includes two defeats home and away to Cape Verde and Senegal. The only victory was against Burkina Faso at home. The South African public has been quick to point out his poor ...
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Arsenal returned to winning ways with a 3-0 victory over Bournemouth at the Emirates today. The 2014 World Cup winner has come under fire from sections of the fanbase and press recently after a dip in form. The Gunners headed into today’s clash in 16th ...
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While Cape Town International Airport has been named the leading airport in Africa, the shooting will indelibly leave a scar in the minds of travellers who are aware of the incident. The tourism industry is growing increasingly concerned regarding these ...
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Atletico Madrid want to raise release clause f... Barcelona start lining up replacements for Man... EXCLUSIVE: Swedish football expert Soli says Ro... Real Madrid president Florentino happy Roma fan... Lazio chief Tare blasts Inter Milan over De Vri ...
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