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Riccardo Pastore 23/06/2018 05:15
Blueberry, raspberry and sunshine raspberry . Seguimi su cioccolato   … . #seafood #pikeplacemarket #seattle #seafoodlovers #seafoodlover #localmarket #localfruits… https://www. ?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1fxbglpd9ocl5   …
chiara loves louis 23/06/2018 10:59
rt per un indiretto, seguimi and i’ll follow you back
  🌻 22/06/2018 02:16
#rt seguimi e ti seguo se segui almeno una di queste serie tv. skam stranger things quantico pretty little liars the vampire diaries la casa de papel girlboss modern family american horror story thirteen reasons why the end of the f***ing world
#Vaccini e #novax in breve
#21giugno Good morning Twitterworld A loving image to start of this new day I hope everyones new week has begun with plenty of smiles Much love
Arianna  πŸ₯€ 21/06/2018 09:34
#Rt seguimi e ti seguo -Irama -Selena Gomez -Halsey -G-Eazy -5sos -Beckham’s family -Riverdale -Teen Wolf -Stranger Things -13 Reasons Why -GOT -AHS -The Walking Dead -Reign -The Vampire Diaries -The Originals -Skam (anche Skam Italia) -Shadowhunters #FandomSegueFandom
ausilium 20/06/2018 09:00
@A1eAguirre beautiful mother and...seguimi
i will never stop loving you
she is so beautiful i-
she is so beautiful i-<br>
eleven 17/06/2018 07:13
Follow me on instagram, I will follow back everyone! I'm phildepayne93 #follow4follow #followme #seguimi #RT
#rilive Perfection is not an attribute. It's a point of view.
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Hero saves a wolf from a trap made by sadistic humans and cowards too... Bravo Guy !!
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