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Jim 24/05/2018 04:47
Twitter people are being savage beasts, and It is quite entertaining rn
The gruesome stabbing of a pregnant Bronx woman by her live-in boyfriend rekindled her bother's memories of the wedding day murder of a bride by an ex-boyfriend. Juan Carlos Abreu, keeping tabs on his sister Wednesday at a Bronx hospital, recalled the ...
BossLadyK  ✨ 24/05/2018 03:50
Proud Graduate of ESJ Real Savage ‘18 – a Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center
Proud Graduate of ESJ Real Savage ‘18 <br> – à Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center
Atlanta rapper 21 Savage wants a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t when it comes to interactions with the opposite sex. The recently single hip-hop artist has sent out a very direct message to any interested ladies. Sav went to his Instagram Story this week to post up ...
Only In Boston 24/05/2018 02:38
Celtics fans straight savages...
What was meant to decrease local gun violence has led to a new problem for the city of Atlanta and 21 Savage is at the center of it. The Decatur, Ga., native posted on social media that folks should take up paintballs instead of real arms. He did so weeks ...
biology 24/05/2018 02:36
Blaster can you say.. lit af savage dope?
21 Savage stopped to chat with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20) to discuss the success of his Post Malone collaboration "rockstar," working with Childish Gambino, new music and his a dream to ...
f5 update$ 24/05/2018 01:38
pro athletics savage screaming “dump Trump” in their dance....the woke girlz and gayz run this industry and there’s nothing y’all can do about it !
Adam Savage gives a talk every year at Maker Faire. It's one of the highlights at the Bay Area event. This year, Adam talked about why sharing is such an important part of the maker movement. I'm here to defend sharing as a vital aspect of maker culture ...
Sevvy 24/05/2018 01:35
Savage Industries is a tribute to Expanse superfan Adam Savage! @TheExpanseWR @TheExpansePO #SaveTheExpanse #WatchExpanseLive
KSG.NWH 24/05/2018 01:35
Savage drunk, Im Bareun. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Alonie 24/05/2018 01:26
Y'all can't tell me Harry didn't know that ppl were being xenophobic. He mentioned how long's it's been twice and said that they gave him a warm welcoming while everyone on Twitter was saying they were acting like savages.
Lashay90 24/05/2018 12:56
The ghost of Rhonda was savage #Empire
Tess 24/05/2018 12:53
paige gone tell jake she cheated on him with rainer in the car a couple feet away!? savage. #FamousInLove
Ciree 23/05/2018 11:24
Listen. When Misha goes all savage and dragging people while being articulate and intelligent af... it’s just is there anything more attractive?
je   👅 23/05/2018 10:21
The savage fake maknae lol Cant wait to see u again soon #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPSJ @SJofficial
Cloyd Rivers 23/05/2018 08:50
Leanna is a savage. Merica.
Leanna is a savage. Merica. <br>
Katara 23/05/2018 07:33
Happy World Turtle Day to the wisest Lion Turtle out there! #WorldTurtleDay
Happy World Turtle Day to the wisest Lion Turtle out there!  #WorldTurtleDay<br>
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