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mugen 27/05/2018 11:37
8F1A89B6 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 95 Snow White
8F1A89B6 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 95 Snow White <br>
LONGYEARBYEN, Svalbard — Unseasonal winter rain had seeped along the floor of the ice cave, freezing the last incline. That had made slipping to the bottom easy enough, but finding a way out was now a problem. Ten miles outside the northernmost town on ...
Gujarati Jon Snow 27/05/2018 11:22
Today's Final is All vs One #CSKvSRH
Today's Final is All vs One  #CSKvSRH<br>
If you’re over Snapchat because of the countless redesigns and re-redesigns but Instagram’s filters don’t tickle your fancy, there’s a Korean app called Snow that takes all of the beloved features and combines them into a super cute camera app.
Whenever you’re down, remember Allah!
The National Weather Service Reno warns of thunderstorms, hail and snow in the forecast for the northern Sierra. Thunderstorms and snow are in the forecast for the Tahoe region on Friday. Thunderstorms and snow are in the forecast for the Tahoe region on ...
Lynne Knightley 27/05/2018 08:34
View of Tenerife’s snow-covered volcano Teide from La Gomera Photo and text by @marcusclaessen
View of Tenerife’s snow-covered volcano Teide from La Gomera  Photo and text by @marcusclaessen<br>
My goodness, has it really been seven years since the last Snow Patrol album? It has indeed. But you'll soon know why when you listen through all 10 tracks of "Wildness." Lead singer Gary Lightbody looks backward to his youth and forward to his body ...
Ice 27/05/2018 07:53
180526 #DoubleyouinTaipei 종현아 .... He’s most precious person in the world He’s eyes always full of love to fans #NUEST #JR #김종현
If you’d told Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody some time over the last few years that good things come to those who wait, he might’ve stared you down with disdain. He was in a dark place then. But now, with the release of the band’s seventh studio ...
Snow 27/05/2018 07:29
Your bra is so small I thought it was an eye mask.
Snow 27/05/2018 07:11
It’s about that time of night where I get so fucking high I could give a shit about what I tweet, what I dm, what I @, what you say, what you tweet and say fuck it all.
Snow 27/05/2018 06:45
I always felt like I’d be your gasoline, your nail polish remover, your butane, your cyanide, your carbon monoxide.
Snow 27/05/2018 05:54
I’m invisible like melted snow.
HN 27/05/2018 05:01
Ailee performing the best ost from Goblin - I Will Go To You Like The First Snow
Snow 27/05/2018 05:00
#SymptomsOfArrestedDevelopment maeby there are no symptoms, much like diabetes.
IM SOFT AS HELL look at how Yoongi is looking at their trophy-- theyre still surprised and humble every damn time #fakelove3rdwin @BTS_twt
Snow 27/05/2018 04:32
Your destruction or mine?
BTS Publicity 27/05/2018 04:18
Spotify @BTS_twt — "FACE YOURSELF" Streams Update : Don't Leave Me: 14M Crystal Snow: 12M Let Go: 8M Blood Sweat & Tears: 5M Not Today: 4M MIC Drop: 4M DNA: 3M Spring Day: 3M INTRO: 2M Best Of Me: 2M Go Go: 2M OUTRO: 2M Total: 67,253,107 #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPBTS
Incorrect Mills 27/05/2018 04:05
Snow: Hey, what time is it? Regina: I’m not your clock.
심장┊͙ 27/05/2018 03:47
taeyong: YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF ME THATS WHAT I WANT I WANT YOU TO HIT ME AND KICK ME RUIN ME COSPLAY SNOW WHITE ILL BE THE HOBBIT nctzens: he has kinks- taeyong: lmao sorry WHAT? never heard of her lmao nctzens: donghyuck winwin mark:
ur a masochist when u kept on listening to these songs: - crystal snow - let go - spring day - magic shop - butterfly - let me know - hold me tight - so far away - born singer - whalien 52 - tomorrow - THE TRUTH UNTOLD #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPBTS @BTS_twt
Snow 27/05/2018 02:27
Obviously I don’t want to die but I want you to fuck me like you’re trying to kill me.
snow goddess 27/05/2018 02:11
There is so much going on inside of me and I do not know how to make sense of it all.
This family found a kitten in the snow who was almost frozen solid. They didn't think he would survive, but..
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