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F3News 13/03/2018 07:04   #Rob Porter's ex-wife on Trump team's ignorance on abuse #BreakingNews
It has been one month since the story became public of the abuse I suffered at the hands of my ex-husband, Rob Porter, along with accusations from his first wife, Colbie Holderness. Yet the White House has still not acknowledged our names or apologized to ...
Lisa Rein 08/03/2018 01:45
Another #Rob Porter case. Does our security clearance process even work? https://www. fficial-jailed-over-domestic-violence-case-says-he-handles-high-volume-of-classified-information/2018/03/07/a0171e34-2221-11e8-86f6-54bfff693d2b_story.html?utm_term=.a9a1b33ead9b   … via @eliseviebeck

Washington (CNN)Senior White House officials would not commit Friday to honoring key deadlines set by powerful congressional Republicans to hand over information about security clearance procedures, potentially setting up a showdown between the President ...
Sharon M 02/03/2018 11:10
Did John Kelly also mention how he lied on Rep Frederica Wilson since he is in his feelings today? #Rob Porter
The White House is refusing to comply with a request from the House Oversight Committee for information on how former top staffer Rob Porter was allowed to work with an interim security clearance. Porter resigned in February amid the mounting fallout over ...
PulpNews Crime 02/03/2018 06:23
#John #Kelly say 'we didn't cover ourselves in #glory' on #Rob #Porter #abuse allegations - Mar 2 @ 1:22 PM ET https:// /02/John-Kelly-say-we-didnt-cover-ourselves-in-glory-on-Rob-Porter-abuse-allegations.php   …
WASHINGTON ― White House officials are refusing to turn over information to congressional leaders on their handling of domestic abuse allegations against former top aide Rob Porter, further raising questions about the Trump administration’s already ...
donnie garrison 28/02/2018 10:02
Hope #Rob Porter doesn’t get mad at #HopeHicks for losing her job
Former White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s second ex-wife sharply criticizes John Kelly John Francis Kelly MORE in a new op-ed, accusing the chief of staff of diminishing the significance of the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her ex ...
Joan Lappin CFA 28/02/2018 10:01
oh my #HOPE HICKS just quit. After married #Corey Lewandowski and wife beater #Rob Porter, how will she have a social life outside the #WhiteHouse? The greatest compliment from #Trump: she "was the best piece of tail Corey would ever have in his life!" Nothing shocking there.
jewel alberter 27/02/2018 01:41
A mistake that’s hard to understand: why you kept praising Porter, and nary a word about women being abused-not even general abuse., which was sorely needed. You’ll lose lots of women votes over this. #rob Porter
SI STOP Imperialism 17/02/2018 12:56
As American as Apple Pie: Rape in a https://   #metoo #daily-digest #inside-stories #national #rape #recy-taylor #rob-porter
PulpNews Crime 16/02/2018 08:18
#Rob #Porter scandal a #good time to debunk domestic #violence myths - Feb 16 @ 3:18 PM ET https:// /16/Rob-Porter-scandal-a-good-time-to-debunk-domestic-violence-myths.php   …
KingTrump 15/02/2018 10:58
@chrislhayes Stop whining Fake news, you can ask about your new darling Rob Porter tomorrow. Fake Media loves words that start with R #Russia #Rob
Noma Faingold 15/02/2018 09:08
This item is about Hope Hicks and fake boyfriend #Rob Porter, the wife-beater. The Wrong Faux Boyfriend https://  
Faye Harris 14/02/2018 09:09
@HARRISFAULKNER No big deal #Rob Porter ...... He was working not beating anyone at work.
PulpNews Crime 14/02/2018 09:04
#Trump breaks silence on ex-aide #Rob #Porter, denounces domestic #violence - Feb 14 @ 4:04 PM ET https:// /14/Trump-breaks-silence-on-ex-aide-Rob-Porter-denounces-domestic-violence.php   …
Sharon Harrington 14/02/2018 07:30
#rob porter so I’ve yet to hear-was Porter found guilty of spousal abuse/domestic violence? If so he had a felony record - if not it’s accusation which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, is he a bad guy? Don’t know-do know 50% or greater of Congress aren’t too hot
Dr. Jeff McNally 14/02/2018 07:26
Domestic abuse, the FBI and White House dishonesty: A timeline of the spiralling Rob Porter scandal https://www. 8/02/14/domestic-abuse-the-fbi-and-white-house-dishonesty-a-timeline-of-the-spiralling-rob-porter-scandal.html   … #FBI #rob
PulpNews Crime 14/02/2018 07:15
Congress #Investigating the #Rob #Porter Mess - Feb 14 @ 2:15 PM ET https:// /14/Congress-Investigating-the-Rob-Porter-Mess.php   …
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