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Majorbronco 16/05/2018 05:29
Making music is a little bit like trying to write poetry in a language you don't speak. #EDM #musicproducer #ProducersWords #citations #dj #wisewords #NeverStopCreating
It's a highly anticipated show that sees a phalanx of beauties pipped against each other in the battle to win one man's heart. But behind the veneer of The Bachelor Australia is a highly-skilled produ...
Yung Hu$tle 01/09/2014 08:58
Im sorry but u aint no rapper if u aint did no gigs or shows #realshit #ProducersWords
Now, Ocean is striking back to their allegations that his performance was "hands down one of the most ‘faulty' TV moments I've seen," in the producers' words. On Tumblr last night, Ocean went off, wri...
jim 18/03/2014 03:51
be like a sidechain in your life, bcuz when the beats comes u dodge and it looks cool. #producerswords
Burned for the third time since 2014, bulls may now be less willing to buy crude futures on producers' words alone and may instead wait for more tangible evidence of large, sustained stock draws. Alar...
jas   💙 18/03/2014 03:06
Nobody really does in teen wolf #producerswords
Pitched as a serious documentary, Struggle Street cloaks itself under the auspices of a “raw portrayal” of a “tough topic” (the producers’ words), but really plays the same symbolic role as parodies a...
Lester London / Famey 22/02/2010 12:28
#ProducersWords "I dont give a good got damn WHO did the sample before me..ima do it better!"
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