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s  ✨ 27/05/2018 06:46
"What’s yours will always find you” Be patience and trust Allah plans.
The bell has tolled for Hanley Ramirez in Boston. On Friday, the team announced that it was designating the veteran first baseman for assignment to make room on the 25-man roster for the returning Dustin Pedroia. The move ends Ramirez’s uneven Red Sox ...
Lauryn 27/05/2018 06:35
My patience rn is thinner than a strand of hair.
MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin urged patience in efforts to resolve a territorial dispute with Japan that's lasted since World War II after talks Saturday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has made a deal a priority. "It is ...
Malou C 27/05/2018 06:27
Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. #MaineAsLauraPatola
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philgouldphotography 27/05/2018 06:26
Kingfisher waiting to strike. Catch light in the eye makes the picture come alive #livetheexperience 4 P's and 1 L are the most important things to capture this type of image Perseverance Patience Passion Practicality and of course Location #learnconserve @Team4Nature300
Guadalupe Valdez is used to being a “first” in many ways. The first Latina and openly-gay sheriff of Dallas County – one of the largest police departments in the nation – she served four terms after winning her first race with a small, 2-point margin.
mar 27/05/2018 05:50
is everyone getting more annoying or am I just losing patience???
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 27/05/2018 05:49
Those who contemplate on The Quran will find resources of patience and strength that will endure through the times of hardships.
all my patience has ran out...
Living Positive 27/05/2018 05:05
Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
INTEXOLTEAM   🌐 27/05/2018 04:46
We will open the GO for EXO Baidu dolls soon along with @EXOGlobal. We are just finishing up details. It will be completely non-profit and part of proceeds will go towards EXO's 5th album. We ask for your patience @weareoneEXO #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVLADANCEKOKOBOP #MTVLAKPOPEXO
Myra 27/05/2018 04:36
@BTS_twt I wish I could give you a trophy for your courage and patience, really! I hope after that show and later that fansign you'll be able to sleep for at least 10h. Never forget u'll aways have (real) army to support you no matter what. #방탄과아미_잘하고있으니_힘내세요
cryseu 27/05/2018 04:19
my patience is badly being tested whenever someone comes at kyungsoo's talents especially his vocals like nuh-uhh honey, not in front of my salad
Duane Morse 27/05/2018 03:45
Nine Qualities of Success: 1) The value of time. 2) The miracle of perseverance. 3) The obligation of duty. 4) The dignity of simplicity. 5) The worth of character. 6) The power of kindness. 7) The influence of example. 8) The improvement of talent. 9) The virtue of patience.
Paola Giron 27/05/2018 03:30
Can’t keep wasting my time I’ve got no patience.
  🙃 flipsidefeels 27/05/2018 02:38
mutual with the best use of patience bank goes to @amethystxmw ! *insert double smileys* slow clap to you, ikaw na! #MAYWARDxASAPLaroSaTaginit
aaron 27/05/2018 01:41
comms are open! 10 slots open for fullbody and icon/portrait format! DM or email to order! it's the first time i've done these so patience is appreciated
comms are open! 10 slots open for fullbody and icon/portrait format! DM or email to order! it's the first time i've done these so patience is appreciated  <br>
Lex. 27/05/2018 12:37
God is literally shoving patience down my throat rn because I’m just too hardheaded.
TONI 27/05/2018 12:26
I try to be nice all the time, but some days, I just don't want to be. There are days that I have zero patience or tolerance for nonsense.
Travis M. Riddle 26/05/2018 10:51
Imagining Awsten attempting to have even an ounce of patience for watching an anime series is funny to me
Kasey Green 26/05/2018 04:57
Patience is
Jesus Saves 26/05/2018 09:02
May GOD give you strength; power; patience and perseverance; for the purpose He created you for.
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