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Luis De Camoes 17/07/2018 03:58
@TheRickWilson @RadioFreeTom Wild thought - what's crazier?: a) NATO allies not sure that they can count on trump aid if they invoke article 5 due to Russian invasion. or b) NATO allies act together WITHOUT INVOKING Art5 afraid trump would leak mil intel to Russia.
The following statements were posted to the verified Twitter accounts of U.S. President Donald Trump, @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS. The opinions expressed are his own. Reuters has not edited the statem...
Fox News 17/07/2018 03:51
Russian President Putin on possibility for NATO member state expansion: Moving this NATO infrastructure towards our borders would be a threat and the reaction would be extremely negative. #WallacePutinOnFox
After last week’s NATO summit in Brussels, the world is reeling over the fate of the transatlantic alliance. In a private session at the summit, President Donald Trump is reported to have threatened t...
AppSame 17/07/2018 03:15
How do we punish Russia @TheDemocrats When our @NATO allies Germany Buys billions of $$$$ in gas from Russia and won't buy it from us?? Condem Germany not @realDonaldTrump
President Donald Trump on Monday touted his success for making NATO “strong and rich again” at a summit last week just hours before he is set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Received many c...
Michele Palmieri 17/07/2018 03:11
Mr Trump is an enemy of America,RETWEET the statement below “By criticizing allies at NATO Summit, Mr Trump’s denying Putin’s interference in our presidential election, it is obvious Mr Trump is a Russian asset. Should be arrested as traitor when return to US.”#ImpeachTrump
During his news conference with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the president of the United States doubled down on his determination to completely change the language and narrative of the post-1...
Andy Ostroy 17/07/2018 03:11
[email protected] grabbed pussies. Sexually assaulted over 16 women. Mocked disabled people. Attacked war heroes & Gold Star fams. Defended Nazi's. Attacks black/brown ppl. Kidnapped & cages kids. Attacked #NATO. Called EU a "foe." Is a traitor. What else is #GOP waiting for? #IMPEACH
U.S. and NATO-led coalition officials are pushing back on a report that U.S. President Donald Trump has instructed "top diplomats" to pursue "direct talks" with the Taliban in an effort to "jump-start ... 17/07/2018 03:05
NEW: #TreasonousTrump Calls @EUCouncil and @NATO Enemies While Blowing Kisses to #Putin and Kim Jung-Un n-trump-calls-eu-and-nato-enemies-while-blowing-kissing-putin   … #SmartDissent #NATOSummit #TreasonSummit #PutinsPuppet #TrumpRussia #MuellerTime #TrumpPutinSummit
NEW: #TreasonousTrump Calls @EUCouncil and @NATO Enemies While Blowing Kisses to #Putin and Kim Jung-Un   http:// n-trump-calls-eu-and-nato-enemies-while-blowing-kissing-putin   …  #SmartDissent #NATOSummit #TreasonSummit #PutinsPuppet #TrumpRussia #MuellerTime #TrumpPutinSummit<br>
GuysForTrump 17/07/2018 02:16
Welcome Home Mr. President and First Lady. Because of you NATO is militarily stronger, the US is economically wealthier and the World is on a path to being safer. Not bad for a weeks work! Keep ignoring the Haters and the Ignorant! Great interview on Hannity! #WalkAway #MAGA
Welcome Home Mr. President and First Lady.  Because of you NATO is militarily stronger, the US is economically wealthier and the World is on a path to being safer.  Not bad for a weeks work!  Keep ignoring the Haters and the Ignorant!  Great interview on Hannity!  #WalkAway #MAGA<br>
Darren 17/07/2018 01:53
Thread 1/3 It is time to put Democratic & Republican political views to one side & come together. @realDonaldTrump MUST. BE. STOPPED. NOW. He is destroying democracy, alienating NATO allies, calling the EU a “foe” The U.S has been allies of NATO for 70 years.
Rick Reilly 16/07/2018 11:19
If you're scoring at home ... Foes: Europe, Canada, Mexico, NATO, sh*thole countries, NFL, judges, US media, FBI, CIA, AG, Muslims, immigrants, Mueller, Amazon, Hollywood, Obama, Clintons, Bushes, Democrats, McCain, Meryl Streep, California + exercise. Friends: Russia, N. Korea.
Alien 16/07/2018 10:59
#NicaraguaSOS #SOSNicaragua #NATO @NATO #NATOSummit #Brussels Beautiful #Blue Black #Rose. ❀
#NicaraguaSOS   #SOSNicaragua #NATO  @NATO #NATOSummit #Brussels    Beautiful #Blue Black #Rose. ❀ <br>
Kurt Eichenwald 16/07/2018 10:35
All living American presidents need to issue a joint statement on what is happening, and to remind everyone that Russia is NOT our ally, and that NATO is.
Kurt Eichenwald 16/07/2018 10:31
Putin just declared Russian intelligence agencies are wrong, and he believes the USA on everything. Leaders in Britain turned on MI-5 & sided with Putin. Other NATO allies turned on their intel agencies. This is a lie. But you can see how insane the position we are in now is.
DiMy 16/07/2018 10:08
The same way that others in NATO are now questioning why their sons and daughters are fighting and dying in Afghanistan?
Kaivan Shroff 16/07/2018 08:40
HILLARY CLINTON to TRUMP on October 19th, 2016: “ encouraged espionage against our people.” “ are willing to spout the Putin line, sign up for his wish list.” “...break up NATO, do whatever he wants to do...” “ continue to get help from him.”
Kurt Eichenwald 16/07/2018 08:20
We learn about world history in the Trump era by seeing how easily his cultists fall for propaganda. They accept our trading partners are bad. That NATO is corrupt. That CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA are plotting against America. And that Putin is a good guy.
Chris 16/07/2018 08:02
He criticised NATO He criticised and lied about Germany He criticised Theresa May But he refused to criticise Putin or Russia even in the face of actual evidence. And whose side does he claim to be on again? I think it’s clear.
Penni Kernot 16/07/2018 07:56
NATO should declare another Article 5 Again! Russia has increased its interference & Poisoned 4 People in the UK! @NATO @CanadaNATO @UKNATO @USAmbNATO @FranceNato @eunatoinfo @CanadianPM
Rep. Don Beyer 16/07/2018 07:03
Now we understand the Trump Doctrine. On Syria. On the U.K. On France. On Germany. On the E.U. On NATO. On human rights. On the free press. On US intelligence. On defending American democracy. Trump's foreign policy: "Make Russia Great Again."
ModSquad  😎 Melanie 16/07/2018 06:10
Republicans are asking “what do you want me to do?” Let’s tell them! 1. Pass #ProtectMueller 2. Pass @marcorubio’s bill where heavy penalties are IMMEDIATELY levied against Russia if they meddle in #Election2018. 3. Contact members of NATO and profusely apologize.
John Betts 16/07/2018 05:49
Europe has been scr*wing America over for decades on both trade + on defense (NATO) costs We finally have a President who is saying ‘enough’ - the days of Europe taking advantage of USA in trade are at an end, and it’s time for them to start paying their fair share of NATO costs
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