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Trump has given license for all of these racists to come out of the shadows. Esteban Guzman: Why do you hate us Racist white lady: Because you're Mexicans EG: We are honest people right here. RWL: Haha! Yeah, rapists and animals. #MondayMotivation
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Linda Suhler, PhD 25/06/2018 04:56
You don't have to be part of the craziness, Democrats. Just #WalkAway. #WalkAwayMovement #MondayMotivation
Mondays can be tough. It seems like all of life’s troubles are even harder to handle on the first day of the work week. One thing that can help give you the boost you need is a motivational quote. There’s nothing like a word of encouragement to inspire ...
BTS ARMY Hawaii 25/06/2018 04:55
Good morning @dabomb1027 Won't you please play #FakeLove for #BTSARMY? We need some #MondayMotivation @BTS_twt #ChoiceFandom #TeenChoice
It’s the voice in your head that that tells you to push past seemingly impossible fatigue on the gridiron. It’s the thought that keeps your motor running at a supreme level on the hardwood. It’s dreaming of getting your parents that new house. It’s ...
NRATV 25/06/2018 04:45
“How absolutely irresponsible for an elected representative to be calling on people to be assaulted, and attacked and harassed… Maxine Waters, you want to take our guns away? Good luck if you keep talking like that.” –@rangerholton #MondayMotivation
We are sure that these videos of TV’s Maahir will motivate you to ditch your lazy lifestyle and get more active. He is a guy who believes in pushing the boundaries and this is evident from his gym videos.
Kermit the Frog 25/06/2018 04:45
Growing older doesn't have to mean growing up. If you try, you can always hold on to that tadpole inside of you. I know I did! #mondaymotivation
Wishing I was back in this spot right about now. #catalinaisland #mondaymotivation 😎 A post shared by D'Arcy Fellona (@itsmedarcyfellona) on Feb 26, 2018 at 7:46am PST To get to Catalina, we took a very small boat that would dock in Two-Harbors ...
Leia 25/06/2018 04:28
#Maryland - you have statewide primaries tomorrow, 6/26! NOTE: address & party changes were NOT recorded for 18K + voters! If you're one of those, you CAN STILL VOTE by filling out a, provisional ballot! THREAD 1/4   #mondaymotivation
#Maryland - you have statewide primaries tomorrow, 6/26!   NOTE: address & party changes were NOT recorded for 18K + voters!   If you're one of those, you CAN STILL VOTE by filling out a, provisional ballot!  THREAD 1/4  http://      #mondaymotivation <br>
LOLBOOK 25/06/2018 04:00
Adorable dog breaks up chicken fight #MondayMotivation
Discovery 25/06/2018 03:57
“The golden sunset." + text by Varun Thakkar #MondayMotivation
“The golden sunset."  + text by Varun Thakkar #MondayMotivation <br>
Ajay Srinivasan 25/06/2018 03:41
Every morning I wake up and think of the same thing that this is the first shot of my life so I better make it stick #ShahrukhKhan #MondayMotivation
Tokyo in Spring and Cherry Blossom Park Gardens #Japan #Travel #Photo #Nature #Flowers #Amazing #TravelTuesday #Flower #Blossoms #Plants #Relaxation #Beauty #MondayMotivation
John Lundin   🌊 25/06/2018 03:27
BREAKING: #TrumpCrash - Dow now down over 350 points in reaction to Trump's disastrous trade policies and the loss of Harley Davidson to Europe... #MondayMotivation
VisionaryMusicGroup 25/06/2018 03:22
If you don’t have everything figured out, don’t worry. You will get there. Plenty of people experienced a longer journey, too. #MondayMotivation
Oh My Disney 25/06/2018 03:00
Open the door to new possibilities #MondayMotivation
Gordana Biernat 25/06/2018 02:51
You are not here to struggle. YOU are here to shine, to excel, to be amazing. Always remember that! #ShineOn #MondayMotivation
Thomas 25/06/2018 02:49
Work in the flow of life #MondayMotivation #Mindfulness
Work in the flow of life  #MondayMotivation #Mindfulness<br>
Mrs.Sarah Gibson 25/06/2018 02:25
RT #QAnon I Stand w/ @POTUS Against #FakeNews "Was Met With Resistance" Their #Propaganda efforts to push #GlobalistLiberalAgenda! #CampaignOfSmear against #ConservativeValues 24/7 #MondayMotivation #MaxineWaters #MorningJoe #WednesdayWisdom #FridayFeeling
Samuel John Thunder 25/06/2018 02:06
#MondayMotivation “For this is the will of my Father, that every one that beholdeth the Son, and believeth on him, should have eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.” John 6:40 #Jesus
Cyrus McQueen 25/06/2018 01:59
This next White House Press Briefing, I’d give anything for April Ryan to go to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, ‘So... how was your weekend?’ #MondayMotivation
My #MondayMotivation is to #SaveShadowhunters @NetflixUK @FreeformTV @ConstantinFilm @AmazonStudios @Netflix
As #Trump keeps eroding our relationship with the World and kills free trade, YOUR 401K is Evaporating! THX TRUMP VOTERS!!! YOU'RE DESTROYING AMERICA!! #mondaymotivation
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