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Fish On The Farm 20/04/2018 07:40
@AndySlater through the first 12-14 games throughout every level, rather than it being guys Jeter targeted in trades, nearly all of whom have struggled, its far and away been draftees from years past that have succeeded. Ask @Marlins_Man how he feels on that. #Marlins
After feeling slighted by his favorite team, Marlins Man has decided to go all-in against the new ownership group of the Miami Marlins. The main target of his ire is former New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. On Monday, Marlins Man sent a not-so-subtle ...
Miami Marlins fans have every right to be upset. The value of their product decreased then increased the overall cost to attend a game. Not only the money, it’s the principle. Rebuild is one thing but how does a business justify this. @Marlins_Man #Marlins
When the Marlins became corporate citizens in the British Virgin Islands, I suggested an investigative trip might be necessary to uncover the entire story — even if it took a week to do so. Or even a few weeks. All in the name of truth, of course, and ...
Matthew Landis 20/04/2018 05:47
@Marlins_Man I understand you are a fan of the NL East (Marlins duh) but seriously, now I guess, yesterday you made a ton of posts about the #Mets are you kidding me? Life long #phillies fan, respect your devotion to the #Marlins, but the METS? @TawnyTearz
A familiar face was on hand at Yankee Stadium, right behind home plate, to watch the Marlins' 12-1 loss to the New York Yankees on Monday night — none other than the former Marlins Man himself. Laurence Leavy, a South Florida attorney known for being ...
Alan Cashman 20/04/2018 01:06
Anderson Fortunate to get out of that inning givingvup only one run after walking the pitcher. #Brewers #Marlins #MLB
Miami Marlins' J.T. Realmuto connects for a three-run home run against ... He is scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday and will become the 13th player on New York's 40-man roster to go on the DL this season. ... Top prospect Gleyber Torres sat out for Scranton ...
RedsFanMan 19/04/2018 05:41
Brewers and other teams are entitled to make stupid choices. I love stupid #Marlins choices that help #Reds. But I’m opposed to stupid choices by #Reds. I don’t want Larkin, Girardi, Farrell, or Riggleman.
The couple of times I saw the Marlins in spring training, they seemed calm — and relieved that this plan would be in place for a while. No one doubted the passion of Jeffrey Loria, the man who sold the Marlins to Jeter and his money man Bruce Sherman ...
Manuel Salazar 19/04/2018 01:03
Marlins Man is at the game behind home plate? Is he looking for another team to root for? #mets #marlins
Miami Marlins UK 18/04/2018 06:25
Great boost having @JTRealmuto back in the lineup - great win! Onto Milwaukee guys #Marlins Ps. My man Giancarlo doesn’t seem to be enjoying NY just yet. He’ll come good, seem to remember a slow(ish) start last season
Chris Toro 18/04/2018 03:03
It was cool meeting the @Marlins_Man #PinstripePride #Yankees #Marlins
It was cool meeting the @Marlins_Man  #PinstripePride  #Yankees #Marlins <br>
Matt Pisani 18/04/2018 01:38
Naturally, a @Marlins_Man appearance behind home plate as the #Marlins near victory
(jeff)isageek 18/04/2018 01:30
Man the #marlins are killing the #yankees
Robert Raiola, CPA 18/04/2018 01:10
This #MLB season, #Angels Mike Trout will make $34,083,000 The payroll for #Marlins #OpeningDay starting lineup is $21,092,142.
J. D. Sabater   ⚾ 18/04/2018 12:21
Nothing against Severino.. he has a different style of play by play but man, I miss @RichWaltz and the passion in his voice. #Marlins #MLB
Kim 17/04/2018 11:09
@RealMichaelKay Are we going to ignore the fact that @Marlins_Man is at Yankee Stadium? #Marlins #MarlinsMan #Yankees
Gary Phillips 17/04/2018 02:03
I have a lot of issues with Marlins Man's Derek Jeter #Marlins jersey.
I have a lot of issues with Marlins Man's Derek Jeter #Marlins jersey. <br>
Matt Bodenheimer 17/04/2018 01:04
MLB should have a mercy rule like, travel ball... these Marlins need to go back to the hotel and regroup. @Marlins_Man @journey200 @EvCoRadio @JoshCohenRadio #Marlins #Yankees
Six Man Rotation 16/04/2018 09:59
#Marlins OF Lewis Brinson currently has a career wRC+ of 6 in his first 121 PA. At least he can only go up from here #JuntosMiami
Steve 16/04/2018 08:54
@ArmenSaryan Armen, Brewers upcoming homestand against #Reds, #Marlins... entering today (combined 6-24) record. What do you see the Crew going?! 5-2?! Teams you gotta beat!
Giovanni Lorenzo 16/04/2018 05:05
#Marlins with what seems like a ranking strategy still owe so much money to shitty players. Maybe that’s why a rebuild was necessary. Dumb Loria. Dumber marlins man
The Hot Corner 16/04/2018 01:17
The Hot Corner is all new today! Dan will be discussing #JackieRobinsonDay, #Mets, Bartolo #Colons near perfect game with the #Rangers, and the bizarre story involving the #Marlins and their infamous fan, @Marlins_Man. It all starts today at 11 a.m. only on @RamNationRadio!
Matthew Landis 15/04/2018 11:24
10x more than the #Marlins @Marlins_Man
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