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Ballislife.com 15/07/2018 11:43
YOO Mac McCLung & James AKinjo trying to BREAK THE INTERNET at @KennerLeageu @McclungMac
Kenner League Day 2 Highlights/Observations Sun, 08 Jul 2018 19:59:00 GMT
The stars of the first two days of Kenner are Mac McClung and James Akinjo. And it's not particularly close. The renewed energy and hype around Kenner can be directly attributed to these two, and this ...
Ik y’all seen the James akinjo alley to Mac mclung they finna be ridiculous at Georgetown
a pro-am competition modeled off the Drew League in L.A. He's playing for a Georgetown affiliated squad alongside fellow Hoyas point guard recruit James Akinjo, and so far McClung is taking no prisone...
Glidehoyas 15/07/2018 10:25
James Akinjo up here on the Hilltop showing out @Dame_Lillard. #Hoyas
Did someone say something about guard play? We really, truly may have seen the birth of a new era. The #Mackinjo era. Both James Akinjo and Mac McClung, playing together on The Tombs, absolutely stole ...
Glidehoyas 15/07/2018 09:40
Sick pass alley oop pass from @GeorgetownHoops teamnate James Akinjo man ole man they're a major problem for college hoops. Win winnn winn you either with me or against me! Ice #Hoyas
Georgetown lands Rivals150 guard James Akinjo Mon, 16 Apr 2018 12:59:00 GMT
Georgetown picked up arguably its most important commitment of the Patrick Ewing era today with the pledge of Rivals150 guard James Akinjo. A four-star prospect from the 2018 class, Akinjo, who had pr...
Ava Wallace 15/07/2018 09:01
Fun Sunday afternoon at Kenner League. Crowd got so big before Mac McClung and James Akinjo’s game that Georgetown had to open auxiliary seating, and they were hype. Lee Reed, watching in the crowd, had to be happy about that.
Incoming UConn guard James Akinjo is playing strong on both ends of the court for Salesian Prep in Richmond, Calif. Incoming UConn guard James Akinjo is playing strong on both ends of the court for Sa...
Nike Pro City - DC 15/07/2018 08:40
@McclungMac with another reverse alley oop from James Akinjo to finish out the game! The two @GeorgetownHoops freshmen have put on a show this afternoon!
Brooks 15/07/2018 08:19
Wow! Mac McClung dives for the loose ball, throws it up to James Akinjo who finishes it with the reverse filay
Brooks 15/07/2018 07:57
It’s the James Akinjo and Mac McClung show right now. The freshman have been unstoppable from mid-range
Nike Pro City - DC 15/07/2018 07:51
Starting Lineups: Tombs: Mac Mclung- Gtown James Akinjo-Gtown Jerome Williams- Gtown William Vedder-Va State Will Jenkins- Va Union On Point: Tre Kelley-South Carolina CJ Williams-Howard RJ Cole- Howard Clint Robinson-UIC Maceo Jack- GW
Brooks 15/07/2018 07:36
Bleachers are filled to see Mac McClung and James Akinjo take on Jessie Govan. Tune in here and @KennerLeague to get updates on ATombs and On Point
Ben Standig 15/07/2018 07:34
Ended up making it to Kenner League today. Much bigger crowd than yesterday. Wondwr why. Oh, wait... Settling in for the Mac McClung show. Also fellow frosh James Akinjo. Should be fun. #Hoyas
Nike Pro City - DC 15/07/2018 06:39
Come out to the 3:40 game to see @GeorgetownHoops freshmen James Akinjo and Mac Mclung!
Come out to the 3:40 game to see @GeorgetownHoops freshmen James Akinjo and Mac Mclung! <br>http://pic.twitter.com/mim7IYzbYX
Casual Hoya 13/07/2018 02:39
Mac McClung and James Akinjo in Kenner League. #Mackinjo https:// twitter.com/SportsCapitolD C/status/1017780088677523456   …
Cai $osa 10/07/2018 03:31
Mac McClung and James Akinjo gon wreak havoc up Georgetown
Glidehoyas 09/07/2018 01:21
The duo of James Akinhjo & Mac McClung is spectacular. This backcourt will be one of the best in college hoops. Both play good defense. Mac dove for a loose ball in the Kenner league. This is rare. Akinjo too two charges. Rare also in summer league. #Hoyas
Nike Pro City - DC 08/07/2018 10:08
A few pics of James Akinjo playing for the Tombs! @GeorgetownHoops @Georgetown
A few pics of James Akinjo playing for the Tombs! @GeorgetownHoops @Georgetown<br>http://pic.twitter.com/gB6lK7I1Da
Nike Pro City - DC 08/07/2018 09:02
Another play by James Akinjo! @GeorgetownHoops @Georgetown
Earl Dos Santos 08/07/2018 08:40
James Akinjo & Mac McClung are about to be a PROBLEM in the #BigEast #MACKINJO https:// twitter.com/overtime/statu s/1016054153532059649   …
Chris Williamson 08/07/2018 06:06
James Akinjo is gonna be a freaking PROBLEM for the Hoyas this year. Love the way the freshman plays.
Gideon Hertz 07/07/2018 08:58
Final (initial) thoughts on Mac and James Akinjo - we’ve just not seen a player like him for I don’t know. TRUE point. Complete game and his defense stands out Mac - hype is real. Has springs for legs. Will get his shot. Needs to be a consistent jump shooter
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