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Rj ♡ 석진 24/06/2018 08:03
Imagine yourself being a jin stan and being so goddamn famous you get attacked every single day of your time in twitter just for hyping and defending jin. You cant imagine right? Cause you a sht
RJ, is a kind white alpaca that wears a parka when it gets cold, created by Jin. RM also created the space robot Van, who is the protector of BT21 and represents the ARMY, or the BTS fandom. Sure, they’re an unorthodox band – but we cannot wait for ...
Rj ♡ 석진 23/06/2018 10:39
No joke. Jin really is fucking so goodlooking in person. I wont ever forget how many times he walked right pass me
New U.S. travel restrictions and a destructive hurricane season last year sucked some air from Cuba's tourism boom but foreign businesses from Spain's Melia Hotels to China's Jin Jiang are pursuing ... REUTERS RJ 2108 -- (Reuters) -- C-1-1 ...
Rj ♡ 석진 23/06/2018 07:52
Tae akgaes really pushing it with the visual thingy.. dont attack us we're not the one who made jin the OFFICIAL VISUAL of bts right? Its bighit and bang pd go to them. And its not like jin doesnt have the visual since people asking him for a pic even before he was an idol so..
Diane Saroli-Taylor Mon, 25 Jun 2012 11:08:00 GMT
SAROLI-TAYLOR, DIANE Lowell Diane Saroli-Taylor, age 51, of Lowell ... She is survived by her children, Nathanael Jin Ho, Ana Maria, Cassandra Clare and Elizabeth Mary Taylor, and Jim Taylor, the father of their children. She is also survived by her ...
Jin’s blonde hair is the result of his final evolution to RJ
Jin’s blonde hair is the result of his final evolution to RJ <br>http://pic.twitter.com/RQxYwCj6si
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Rj ♡ 석진 23/06/2018 05:04
Yes some idol really are handsome but dont let them stand besude jin.. you see this ethereal beauty? Out of this world
Yes some idol really are handsome but dont let them stand besude jin.. you see this ethereal beauty? Out of this world <br>http://pic.twitter.com/iPI1A0RtX5
The idea was to celebrate the fifth anniversary with a path breaking theme; the festive theme of 95 fm Tadka was Nonstop RJ-ing by RJ Payal, RJ Lucky and RJ Sachin for 295 hours and creating a record. The RJ Marathon took off on 15th August at 08:00 ...
Jin's 23/06/2018 04:26
23Jun/2 Whatever I do, I can’t help it It’s definitely my heart, my feelings but why don’t they listen to me #ChoiceInternationalArtist #BTS #TeenChoice @BTS_twt
gaile 22/06/2018 04:06
the only polaroids i want are jin's nudes
majcs 22/06/2018 02:17
TIME TO WORK! SPREAD THE LOVE!!! @BTS_twt @ItsJeonCooky @MangOffical @thegreatmang @ItsParkChimmy @Koya98517709 @thegreatkoya @ImMang000 @JEONCOOKY10 @imkimtatabt21 @KimTata000 @ImMinShooky @RJ_The_Alpaca @ImKimRJ @The_Great_RJ #BTSArmy #BT21 #JIN #WeLoveYouKimSeokjin
TIME TO WORK! SPREAD THE LOVE!!!   @BTS_twt @ItsJeonCooky @MangOffical @thegreatmang @ItsParkChimmy @Koya98517709 @thegreatkoya @ImMang000 @JEONCOOKY10 @imkimtatabt21 @KimTata000 @ImMinShooky @RJ_The_Alpaca @ImKimRJ @The_Great_RJ #BTSArmy #BT21 #JIN #WeLoveYouKimSeokjin<br>http://pic.twitter.com/zHX1Q3dPoR
\ \ \ \ \ @BTS_twt #JIN #RJ #btsfanart #bt21fanart #KCAMexico #ARMY FakeLove is so good : https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=7C2z4G qqS5E   …
Rj ♡ 석진 21/06/2018 01:38
Maybe the reason why bighit wont let jin acts is, they are scared that when jin reaches his very own dream he will leave their asses asap.. i want him to do that if possible but jin is not that kind person and he will never leave the one thing who made him where he is today
#yoonjin are in sync again~ Also Jin really claps like RJ . I' so happy and excited for your LY tour boys!~
Aan  🐹   🐰 21/06/2018 08:53
I vote @BTS_twt #Jin for the #100MostHandsomeFaces2018 #TCCandler #JIN #BTS
I vote @BTS_twt #Jin for the #100MostHandsomeFaces2018 #TCCandler #JIN #BTS<br>http://pic.twitter.com/M136BDKYdT
RJ is the cutest softest alpaca dreamt up by the cutest softest baby angel~ #RJ #JIN
set d-28 21/06/2018 12:31
does any other jin stans feel this burning sensation in their hearts like physically when they see rj
anda・ω・ 20/06/2018 02:10
rj idolizes jin so much he wants to be like him someday, so when he sees jin wearing rj costume while performing, rj cries in happiness u3u cutie pie
Forever Bangtan 18/06/2018 02:16
Look at first guy.I nominate him.He have the MOST HANDSOME FACE. I nominate JEON JUNGKOOK. Who is your nominater?I am sure many of peoples will tell it's "JEON JUNGKOOK"!!.But you can show your nominater with a comment.I want knw it.Let's [email protected]_twt #100mostHandsomeFaces2018
Rj ♡ 석진 17/06/2018 07:27
Jin's cover got a grammy article and made people even know more of bts, trended no. 1 on naver, bringing more fans to hype bts and made them more known now. How come it has no benefit for bts? What benefits do you want?
Rj ♡ 석진 17/06/2018 04:08
Rapline stans and maknae line stans are ganging up on jin stans now cause they are intimidated by how jin can attract attention alone with his presence and talent.
Did he get inspired from clouds to create RJ? Seems like so #방탄소년단 #진 #석진 #김석진 #BTS #JIN #방탄 @BTS_twt
Chi 석진 16/06/2018 04:41
RJ dancing around Hong Kong: a thread At Victoria harbour @BTS_twt #jin #rj
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