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ぬんさく 06/01/2018 04:09
Dear my... #dynamic_chord #bstbs
You Choose the Star of the Next "Shaman King" Project » Japanese 7-Elevens Are Now a Manga » "Sword Art Online" Replica Lets You Take a Swing with Elucidator Sword » Crunchyroll to Simulcast "Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody" and "The Silver ...
銀杏 06/01/2018 04:04

Dynamic Chord follows the adventures of hunky musicians. The animation is gloriously crappy and makes dull scenes dynamic. In Dynamic Chord, that’s because the most basic things are suddenly exciting and totally shoddy. Here, have a look: Dynamic right turn.
はんげつ 06/01/2018 04:04
act.12「Christmas Day」 #dynamic_chord #bstbs
A total of 16 members of the four bands belonging to the music office and club record company "DYNAMIC CHORD (Dynamic Code)" are going through various encounters and farewells, "Documentary Movie" which draws the trajectory playing towards each target ...
The Tokyo Game Show stage event for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game announced on Friday that the game will get a PC release in Japan in winter 2017. The game's official English Facebook page also confirmed that the game will launch for PC via Steam in ...
さや 02/01/2018 02:48
HIDIVE has been gaining traction ever since its debut in June as it acquired the rights to several exclusive anime series that fans definitely want to see. 2018 seems to be even stronger for the service as it has now added several series to its line-up ...
MythicOat 28/12/2017 09:18
Some neat background on the most meme-worthy anime of the year. Make sure to click on all the linked mem--I mean examples. "MAKE IT STOPPP" --my premiere watching buddies DYNAMIC CHORD: This Is How Anime Breaks https:// blog.sakugabooru.com/2017/11/27/dyn amic-chord-this-is-how-anime-breaks/   … #anime #DYNAMIC_CHORD
はんげつ 23/12/2017 04:04
act.11「Snowing」 #dynamic_chord #bstbs
毎日ハッピー('A`) 23/12/2017 04:00
DYNAMIC CHORD11話 #dynamic_chord #bstbs
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