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Loosing 30 years of your life is precisely what happens to victims of #ChildAbuse ! So a 30 year sentance for ruining hundreds of lives directly and indirectly is lenient #BarryBennell #signitloud #findyourvoice #abusetalk
Paedophile football coach Barry Bennell has his 30-year prison sentence upheld by leading judges. His bid to challenge the length of his jail term for child sex offences was dismissed today by three judges in the Court of Appeal in London. The court heard ...
Hope you’re feeling better now @DavidLeanLeano a great result, and the correct one. #barrybennell I’m fairly certain your mother had some role in it too from somewhere far away x
Paedophile Barry Bennell has lost a Court of Appeal challenge against his 30-year prison sentence for child sex offences. The former football coach's bid to challenge the length of his jail term was heard this morning by three judges in London. The former ...
Play up, Pompey ! 20/06/2018 03:44
No punishment is long enough for utter scum like him, after ruining the lives of so many young footballers, their families and friends. I hope he has a thoroughly miserable life in prison and never comes out alive. Even worse, clubs like Crewe turned a blind eye. #BarryBennell https:// /1009391766397706242   …
Bennell, 64, took his case to the Court of Appeal in the hope of a shorter sentence. But three judges upheld his 30-year term, which was handed down by Liverpool Crown Court for 52 offences committed against 12 boys between 1979 and 1991. His appeal was ...
Terry 20/06/2018 01:02
That disgusting animal #barrybennell should have his sentence doubled for shamefully trying to get his time reduced!
Victims of Barry Bennell, the former football coach who was labelled “sheer evil” after subjecting junior footballers from Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra to hundreds of sexual offences, have welcomed the rejection of his appeal against his 30-year ...
libby may 20/06/2018 12:22
30years isn't long enough for #BARRYBENNELL , but he can now finally serve his sentence. so glad to be part of the @OffsideTrust family
Paedophile football coach Barry Bennell has lost an appeal against his sentence (Elizabeth Cook/PA) Photo: PA Wire/PA Images Victims of paedophile football coach Barry Bennell have spoken of their relief after he failed in a Court of Appeal bid to have his ...
The former football coach #BarryBennell loses his court appeal battle https://www. 3153/barry-bennell-loses-court-battle/   …
The former football coach #BarryBennell loses his court appeal battle  https://www. 3153/barry-bennell-loses-court-battle/   … <br>
David Lean   💜 20/06/2018 10:58
No wonder the justice system is so expensive when it takes so long to look at a 4 time convicted paedophile appeal into his 31 year sentence.... barristers are in no rush ! How long does it take to say NO ! TAKE HIM DOWN ! #BARRYBENNELL
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:53
#BarryBennell loses his appeal. 30 year sentence will stand.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:27
Judge: The judge at #Liverpool Crown Court rightly took into account the effect #BarryBennell’s offending had had on his victims.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:26
Judge: Staff at #BarryBennell’s prison describe him as helpful.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:24
Judge speaks of how distressing the victim statements were. #BarryBennell
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:21
Judge: In 2009 #BarryBennell sent one of of his victims a message on Facebook saying it was ‘good to see’ him getting on with his life.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:17
#BarryBennell watching judgement via video link from prison.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:16
Judge: #BarryBennell was ‘a sexual predator of the worst kind’.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 10:12
#BarryBennell Judges delivering their ruling.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 09:51
2/2 Prosecution: Judge was entitled to take this into account when sentencing #BarryBennell to 30 years in custody.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 09:50
1/2 Prosecution: #BarryBennell’s offences, had they been committed now, would have been rape against 10 boys.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 09:47
Prosecution: #BarryBennell committed either a mega-campaign or many different campaigns of rape.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 09:42
#BarryBennell lawyer concludes her submissions. A brief argument attempting to secure leniency for the former @crewealexfc coach.
Alex Dibble 20/06/2018 09:37
#BarryBennell lawyer: 30 years was too long. Argues there should have been some account of the time he'd already spent in jail for other offences committed at a similar time.
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