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arcelia rech 27/05/2018 07:31
Exam is at half 9 in the morning and I promised myself an early night for it but I can't sleep
Moderate earthquake rocks Mexico Wed, 16 May 2018 10:01:00 GMT
Hundreds of people evacuate buildings in Mexico City after the tremor originated 30 kilometers southwest of Arcelia, in the southern state of Guerrero, Mexico, May 16, 2018. EPA-EFE/Mario Guzman Hundreds of people evacuate buildings in Mexico City after ...
arcelia   πŸ— 27/05/2018 07:24
missing people sucks
There have been no reports of damage after a 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck this morning with an epicenter 24 kilometers south of Arcelia, Guerrero. Governor HΓ©ctor Astudillo described the tremor recorded at 9:20am as being of β€œmoderate intensity ...
arcelia   🌷 27/05/2018 06:06
i miss my ring so much my hand still feels naked without it
Arcelia, Mexico Hourly Weather Mon, 21 May 2018 19:20:00 GMT
<img class="styles-A54tP4F3__noscript__12c_l" src="" srcset="undefined" > <img class="styles-A54tP4F3 ...
Arcelia Hernandez C 27/05/2018 05:49
The latest Arcelia's Journal! https:// 674594?edition_id=23587dc0-6150-11e8-9031-0cc47a0d15fd   … #opinion
Arcelia Marie "Sally, Baby Sally" Real-Johnson, 50, of El Centro ended her battle with cancer on August 13, 2017. She passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her family, friends and her loving companion Steve Olson. She was born on August 29, 1966 in ...
arcelia 27/05/2018 05:44
Bruce Willis is so good in this movie among others
Beating the Odds Thu, 07 Dec 2017 23:31:00 GMT
When 54-year-old Arcelia Garcia began feeling tired last summer, she was running a schedule that would have put a woman half her age to shame. At the end of her days harvesting fruit near her home in Sunnyside, Wash., she would rush to the grocery store to ...
arcelia 27/05/2018 05:23
Pulp fiction and a beer
arcelia   🌷 27/05/2018 04:33
people who use β€œβ€ are scary
sweet violence 27/05/2018 04:15
Take me out of your mind and live in a dream.
arcelia clark 27/05/2018 03:38
Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet
Neha Dabhade 27/05/2018 03:24
[email protected] Thank you.
Laura Ramirez 27/05/2018 01:03
#9PMRoutine in New Bedford Massachusetts. Oops lol.
Laura Ramirez 27/05/2018 01:02
#9PMRoutine Safe and snuggled in for #LivePD be safe tonight.
Laura Ramirez 26/05/2018 10:47
My condolences to her family, friends, and fellow officers.
Guts 26/05/2018 10:13
Do I make you scared? Baby, won't you take me back?
Big Shine LED 26/05/2018 07:31
Arcelia Ultra, envied by others LEDs, loved by you. IK08, IP65, #innovation
Arcelia Ultra, envied by others LEDs, loved by you. IK08, IP65, #innovation<br>
arcelia   πŸ’› 26/05/2018 07:01
Last Puente banquet with my pals
Last Puente banquet with my pals <br>
arcelia   🌷 25/05/2018 07:34
so will i and broken vessels are some beautiful songs omg
arcelia   🌷 23/05/2018 04:01
being single is fun until you realize you third wheel a couple everyday and the friends you thought were gonna be single with you all of a sudden get a bf and the one friend who is also single actually has guys that like her this is a subtweet to yami, ang, and andrea
Arcelia Becerra 23/05/2018 03:46
I didn’t see @Mitchelle1_23 today. The struggle is real. My life is empty
Arcelia gonzalez 22/05/2018 11:03
I am honestly so proud to be named Arcelia after my great-grandma, grandma, and mom. They are so hard-working and inspiring women.
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