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Al Jazeera English 24/05/2018 05:45
It's the ninth Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo in four decades. How can it be contained?
It's the ninth Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo in four decades. How can it be contained?  http://     <br>
A poor man works for his money, they say. A rich man lets his money to work for him. Franklin Haney is a very rich man, and his money is hard at work in Alabama, in Washington, D.C., and maybe even the Middle East. The Chattanooga developer's campaign cash ...
Peach   💙 A 24/05/2018 05:36
#ALDENGivesLove Ctto Telay
#ALDENGivesLove  Ctto Telay<br>
Suspended Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority executive director Barbara Murdock was fired by the Board of Directors at its meeting on Wednesday afternoon, effective immediately. The vote was 6-1-2. Director Patrick Sellers was the lone "no" vote.
Al Jazeera English 24/05/2018 05:00
What is obstetric fistula? And why is it prevalent in South Sudan?
Authorities in Panama City, Florida say the active shooter suspect who opened fire on authorities before barricading himself was found dead in a gasoline-soaked apartment, according to multiple news reports. The suspect, who allegedly fired on law ...
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 04:35
I still don’t think bangtan has to necessarily censored naega in their song but I’m still proud that they are being cautious and are aware of the usage of the n word is offensive.
Women make up almost half of the U.S. workforce and more than 70 percent of moms with young children are working. That doesn't mean everything is equal across the country when it comes to building a career - especially when it comes to being a mother who ...
hana 轉 24/05/2018 04:32
can bighit release bts reaction to fake love mv so everything will get better
Birmingham sports marketing and event management firm Knight Eady has been named one of Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces for 2018. The honor comes in an issue hitting newstands today. In particular, the company got high marks for its office culture.
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 04:19
Namjoon: the n word is offensive Kmedia: N word? Oh you mean n*gger??
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 04:02
If Namjoon can educate himself and bangtan to NOT use the n word because it’s offensive these other idols can easily do some research and do some self reflecting on the offensive things they’ve done. NO EXCUSES.
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 03:50
AND my man Namjoon said N WORD. He didn’t even say the word he said N word which shows you he knows that the word isn’t for him to say. HES LEARNED! I don’t wanna see anymore antis coming for his throat. My man is educated.
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 03:48
The fact Namjoon said they THEMSELVES! Made the decision to censor naega because of how it could be heard as they n word is just so considerate and you see how much growth and education these boys have taught themselves. WE STAN.
Al Jazeera English 24/05/2018 03:30
Climate change and commercial fishing are threatening Antarctica's iconic creatures — in pictures
Climate change and commercial fishing are threatening Antarctica's iconic creatures — in pictures  http://     <br>
Peach   💙 A 24/05/2018 02:58
#ALDENGivesLove to Eat Bulaga Family.
#ALDENGivesLove to Eat Bulaga Family.<br>
Shea Serrano 24/05/2018 02:48
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 02:36
Hoseok is talking about the choregraphy I don’t understand but I fully agree.
al  🌺 24/05/2018 02:35
New avi +1
New avi +1<br>
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 02:30
He. Looks. So. Good.
esperanza 24/05/2018 02:30
you used to love me then, i know it’s not the same
ᴬᴸ 24/05/2018 02:28
lindsay  🌸 may 30 24/05/2018 02:20
idk how to draw moira but hi
idk how to draw moira but hi<br>
  🍹 ZER0 24/05/2018 02:14
#TwitterDealersOfDreams Astoreth protege a Ratsy 24/7 inclusive cuando...
#TwitterDealersOfDreams  Astoreth protege a Ratsy 24/7 inclusive cuando...<br>
Janos 24/05/2018 01:50
Tatum is teech all fan he is soon be big star in NBA . i am very much like the @ Al Horrford but Tatum is top player for me on nba #celtics . Also calf is suck.
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