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Best tweets:

Clark Beckham 16/05/2018 01:09
You betta sang @BrittonBuchanan !! #VoiceSaveBritton
"I just want to say the universe finally gave me a chance to help you. I want everyone to #VoiceSaveBritton right now." Then it was up to Twitter to vote to save one person. And that one person moving forward was ... Britton! The next episode of "The Voice ...
Ellie McElvain 16/05/2018 01:09
also - #voicesavebritton - simply because he looks like Matt Damon if Matt Damon was only good and not bad and disappointing
The Voice recap: Here are your final 4 Tue, 15 May 2018 17:00:00 GMT
but which shows that he’s got a lot of heart to lay bare here is wise. With no one left to tout from his own team, even Adam Levine pumps the #VoiceSaveBritton hashtag, and it’s a runaway. He leads the others by double digits easily, and deservedly so.
thiago   🇧🇷 16/05/2018 01:03
IN THE FINALSSSSSSSSS. THIS MOMENT IS OURRRRRR. CONGRATS  #VoiceSaveBritton <br>http://pic.twitter.com/HZuEPeJHeq
Jonny Lee Miller Mon, 23 Jan 2017 04:00:00 GMT
With this long-anticipated new project, we see the return of director Danny Boyle, as well as all the main actors from the original movie led by Jonny Lee Miller. Jonny Lee Miller was glad to be back on the set of 'Trainspotting' It's not always easy to ...
bree augusta 16/05/2018 01:01
#voicesavebritton your welcome mom, i still want money
#voicesavebritton   your welcome mom, i still want money <br>http://pic.twitter.com/55MfChlfP6
Adam Levine Mon, 19 Mar 2018 05:00:00 GMT
Adam Levine is an American singer who is the front man of pop band Maroon 5 as well as a coach on American singing contest 'The Voice'. Net worth: Adam Levine has a net worth of $35 million according to The Richest (2013). Childhood: Adam Levine was born ...
Ellie McElvain 16/05/2018 01:01
honestly? #voicesavebritton RT to save a good sweet boy who i would love to shower in hard candies i keep in my pocket
Gabby 16/05/2018 01:00
Gotta support the hometown homie #VoiceSaveBritton
Tamara Magnitsky 16/05/2018 12:59
#VoiceSaveBritton RT for Britton
Michelle Haberman 16/05/2018 12:59
Look at this dreamboat. How could you not #VoiceSaveBritton https://twitter.com/eamccord/status/996555166370402305/photo/1
Jenna Purdy 16/05/2018 12:59
Save Britton on The Voice! He's my boss's cousin! So close! #VoiceSaveBritton
Tam 16/05/2018 12:59
Britton is the best VOICE. #voicesavebritton
Snowshoe 16/05/2018 12:59
Save Britton. Great voice. #VoiceSaveBritton
Alicia Keys Brasil 16/05/2018 12:59
We did that!!!!! Britton 40% #VoiceSaveBritton
Lorena 16/05/2018 12:59
Britton you are the best #voicesavebritton
Jerobi Rizk 16/05/2018 12:58
#voicesavebritton Haven’t been on in ever since creation! For Britton!!!!
Heather Jones 16/05/2018 12:58
#VoiceSaveBritton Come on America! Keep voting @BrittonBuchanan #VoiceSave
#VoiceSaveBritton Come on America!  Keep voting @BrittonBuchanan #VoiceSave<br>http://pic.twitter.com/MgVtx1xj9b
Mel Bae 16/05/2018 12:58
If @BrittonBuchanan doesn’t make it through expect tears on the @TalentRecap show #VoiceSaveBritton
#VoiceSaveBritton #VoiceSaveBritton #VoiceSaveBritton I don’t know what’s going on here- I don’t even watch this show lol but this vote/ tweet is for my Mom. Lmao . Good Luck!
Sarah 16/05/2018 12:58
#voicesavebritton #voicesavekaleb it’s going to be close!! Who do you like better?!
Margie Russo 16/05/2018 12:58
Don’t let Dylan go home! #VoiceSaveBritton
Summer Chandler 16/05/2018 12:58
I had nothing to do with this. I lie. #VOICESAVEBRITTON
I had nothing to do with this. I lie. #VOICESAVEBRITTON <br>http://pic.twitter.com/4ZjdNjdOE4
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