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ehoneywe 23/05/2018 05:38
and while we're at it, save #GoodBehavior because it is wonderful #TurnerUpfront
5 Takeaways From the Turner Upfront Wed, 16 May 2018 11:49:00 GMT
Leave it to the home of Samantha Bee and Conan O’Brien to try to get people laughing while discussing a serious matter. As TV networks made their sundry “upfront” pitches to Madison Avenue this week, Time Warner’s Turner made the most direct case ...
Kristen Ledlow 21/05/2018 08:05
‘cuz everything is epic in slow motion #TurnerUpfront
Snoop Dogg may have gotten a packed Madison Square Garden Theater full of overstimulated media buyers on its feet Wednesday, but it was Conan O’Brien who became the unequivocal star of the Turner upfront. The TBS late-night host took the stage (twice ...
Miracle Workers 17/05/2018 09:20
prayers answered! daniel radcliffe talks miracle workers at #turnerupfront
The Last O.G. actress Tiffany Haddish flaunted her derrière while promoting her TBS sitcom on the blue carpet of the Turner Upfront Presentation in Manhattan on Wednesday. The in-demand 38-year-old showcased her curvaceous 5ft6in figure in a snug peach ...
Turner 17/05/2018 06:37
The definition of friendship--right? @StephenMerchant and Daniel Stessen of @adultswim on the blue carpet at yesterday's #TurnerUpfront
Hailey Baldwin and her never-ending legs struck again yesterday. Following a trans-Atlantic sortie for the Dior party in Cannes, the star was back in New York to attend the Turner Upfront Presentation. She was there to represent her TBS rap-battle show ...
TheKillersShows 17/05/2018 01:03
Private show/Turner Upfront Party tonight in NYC. @Turner #thekillers #turnerupfront #upfronts #nyc credit: mikeloveshayley on Instagram @thekillers @BrandonFlowers @Terminal5NYC
TBS and Full Frontal host Samantha Bee made a splash at the Turner upfront presentation with the announcement of a new mobile trivia game based on the upcoming midterm elections. “Full Frontal is going to gamify this bitch of an election with a mobile ...
Turner 16/05/2018 11:52
What a pair @OlanRogers of @FinalSpaceTBS & @JGQuintel of @TBSNetwork rocking the blue carpet this morning at #TurnerUpfront
Luke Evans 16/05/2018 11:18
Meeting the star of The O’NEALienist, @SHAQ! #TheAlienist #TurnerUpfront
Meeting the star of The O’NEALienist, @SHAQ! #TheAlienist  #TurnerUpfront <br>http://pic.twitter.com/3p7XBnWpdy
James Hutton 16/05/2018 09:44
To @tntdrama, @chad_hodge, and everyone else -- Fans need one final season of @goodbehaviortnt to wrap things up. Even a shortened season would be better than nothing. It is the No. 1 streaming show on the network. Best show on TV. Letty and Javier forever. #TurnerUpfront
The Last O.G. on TBS 16/05/2018 09:26
Terry Kinney 16/05/2018 06:03
#GoodBehavior fans. Tweet your support to #TurnerUpfront . We are the #1 streaming show on TNT. Renew for season 3!
Drop The Mic on TBS 16/05/2018 05:39
@haileybaldwin looking AMAZING on the blue carpet for the #TurnerUpfront representing #DropTheMic #WCW
Turner 16/05/2018 05:32
Gettin schwifty in here! @danharmon and @JustinRoiland of @RickandMorty on @adultswim take the blue carpet at #TurnerUpfront 2018
ℰ𝑟𝑖𝑛   🌻 16/05/2018 05:05
#NetNeutrality #SaveTheInternet THEY'RE VOTING TODAY AT 3:00PM. CALL NOW TO SAVE THE INTERNET Call Your Reps: 202-224-3121 Trump Tower. Donald Trump Jr. Rapper T.I. Larry Nasser #TurnerUpfront #red4ed #WednesdayWisdom #PoemYourCity #royalpickuplines #TeamYanny
Turner 16/05/2018 04:55
The incredible @NiecyNash of @ClawsTNT out on the blue carpet for #TurnerUpfront @tntdrama
TNT Drama 16/05/2018 04:34
Feel the love on the blue carpet. #TurnerUpfront
Feel the love on the blue carpet. #TurnerUpfront <br>http://pic.twitter.com/f5HKB3JWv0
LukeEvans_News 16/05/2018 03:58
This is for everyone who keeps saying how tall Luke is! Sorry...I just had to! via Getty Images #LukeEvans #DanielBruhl #ShaquilleoNeal #TurnerUpfront #turnerupfront2018
This is for everyone who keeps saying how tall Luke is! Sorry...I just had to!  via Getty Images #LukeEvans #DanielBrühl #ShaquilleoNeal  #TurnerUpfront  #turnerupfront2018<br>http://pic.twitter.com/FuUqtRu5ZF
TNT Drama 16/05/2018 03:18
#ClawsUp, ladies. It’s time for #TurnerUpfront.
#ClawsUp, ladies. It’s time for #TurnerUpfront. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/pDHjeNQhTe
Full Frontal 16/05/2018 03:08
Sam! That was OUR dream photo! #TurnerUpfront
Sam! That was OUR dream photo!  #TurnerUpfront <br>http://pic.twitter.com/9Fpy8DPrig
truTV 16/05/2018 03:02
Here at truTV, we make fans. Both meanings. #ImpracticalJokers #TurnerUpfront #Upfronts2018
Turner 16/05/2018 02:55
The cast of @searchpartytbs having some fun at #TurnerUpfront 2018
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