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The Royals 16/05/2018 10:59
Enough said. #RoyalPickUpLines
...the tweets are both hilarious and instantly relatable. There are sure to be more pick up lines to choose from after the nuptials on Saturday, May 19. How about this for size: "There's room for two under my royal church hat"? We'll be here all week, folks.
ℰ𝑟𝑖𝑛   🌻 16/05/2018 05:05
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Big business cash in on the Royal wedding Fri, 18 May 2018 10:22:00 GMT
KFC, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Velveeta are just some of the businesses cashing in on the royal wedding craze. Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith, Myles Udland and Jen Rogers discuss.
♫ Adriano&Paulina ♫ 16/05/2018 03:39
#RoyalPickUpLines Let me check out the crown jewels
Monday, September 18, is National Cheeseburger Day. As you’d guess, restaurants all over the country are celebrating the event with special deals and discounts on cheeseburgers. McDonald’s and Burger King aren’t participating (at least not on a ...
Lisa Person 16/05/2018 03:08
I'm a 12 inch ruler, baby. #RoyalPickUpLines
RaPUNzel 16/05/2018 03:08
#RoyalPickUpLines What's your sign? This is mine
#RoyalPickUpLines What's your sign? This is mine <br>http://pic.twitter.com/q4GIN7jyHS
Shea Browning 16/05/2018 03:08
Do you have some Scottish in you? Would you like to? #RoyalPickUpLines
Ɉɇnnɨ   💕 16/05/2018 03:06
#RoyalPickUpLines My brother will be king of england, you know ?!
Jen 16/05/2018 03:05
This has nothing to do with the tag but I just want to say that I am in the dentist chair, completely numb, with gauze in my mouth and I AM STILL PLAYING THIS GAME. That should be worth a few damn points, am I right? #RoyalPickUpLines
Scott   🦁 16/05/2018 03:04
#RoyalPickUpLines My crown's not the only thing that's big & red, if you know what I mean?
Ɉɇnnɨ   💕 16/05/2018 03:04
#RoyalPickUpLines Are you willing to ride my noble steed, noble lady ?!
Daniel Hopkins 16/05/2018 03:03
Have you ever seen Big Ben? No, not THAT Big Ben... #RoyalPickUpLines
Katt Funny 16/05/2018 03:02
#RoyalPickUpLines Ever had Prince Albert in the can?
Edward J Thomas 16/05/2018 03:02
#RoyalPickUpLines Are you into dungeon play?
Chris Dmytriw 16/05/2018 03:01
Rule a country and chill? #RoyalPickUpLines
Dont Think So 16/05/2018 03:01
Windsor? I barely knew her (I know... not a pick up line) #RoyalPickUpLines
Katt Funny 16/05/2018 03:00
#RoyalPickUpLines I got the crown jewels right here. (Grabs crotch)
Shea Browning 16/05/2018 03:00
I'm a William on the streets-- But a Harry in the sheets. #RoyalPickUpLines
  🍦 Lola  🍦 16/05/2018 03:00
I'll give you a throne to sit on #RoyalPickUpLines
Dave 16/05/2018 02:59
See that lady on the coin? That’s my Granny #RoyalPickUpLines
David E 16/05/2018 02:59
Wanna see my family jewels? #RoyalPickUpLines
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