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Shawn Burgess 16/07/2018 12:51
Combing the beach with his metal detector just before dawn, Chad gets a substantial series of beeps. Pay dirt, he thinks. Sweeping clumps of sand away from the spot, he finds the diamond ring, still attached to her decomposing finger. #MuseMon #SunWIP #talesnoir #vss #vss365
Laura Tatum 15/07/2018 11:16
The #MuseMon theme for 7.16 is SUPERNATURAL Inspired by Levels by Nick Jonas Share your WIP lines No Spam Have Fun
Lonna Seibert 15/07/2018 10:25
1/2 Thank you for the 7/9 #Musemon @LJamestheWriter @allsnmllnx @Gradyperlson @jbrandonlowry @GuyRicketts @SkipSchmidt9999 @WritesJodi @jess_SF38 @jaclynreiswig @jfxmcl @AlexKLogan @Nessma_Elssawy and @Jason_H_Abbott!
Priya Malhotra 09/07/2018 09:50
She sipped her tea, the unadulterated flavor of mint swirling in her mouth like a salubrious spring.She felt pleased to not have to defend how she liked her tea to anyone. It was one of many benefits of living alone.#musemon #amwriting #author #womenwriters #novel #Review #vss365
Shawn Burgess 09/07/2018 05:43
“It was a bad call,” Ivansek says. “You’re damn right it was. Clancy...Clancy! Snap out of it. Where’s Cam Givers?” Detective Holt asks sternly. Without raising his head, Clancy lifts his hand and points a finger toward the other side of the road. #MuseMon #THETEARCOLLECTOR
Dawn Hosmer 09/07/2018 02:52
Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol was one of the first things she had to do in treatment. It was like saying goodbye to her best friend, her lover, her escape. It was also opening the door for a new life without regrets, lost nights and a battered soul. #MuseMon
Kind of Blue spins on the turntable. Brandy swirls. He stares. She's not quite alcoholic, not quite a #nun, not quite kept, not half a devil, not until she's in the bedroom. She sways and says, "Can't you define me by what I am?" "Only by what you're not." #vss365 #MuseMon
Alex K. Logan 09/07/2018 01:56
I watched the subtle gyrations of her fine Martian frame, as she created art in that cocktail shaker. One long pour of the elixir into a martini glass, then she slid it my way. “My particular drug of choice. Enjoy, Detective,” she purred. #MuseMon
DK Marie   ❣️ 09/07/2018 01:53
"Want to get a drink?" Damn.The man had a voice hotter than a Texas heatwave.Tami had to resist the urge to fan herself. She pictured the nuns from grade school, but instead of reprimanding her for lusty thoughts, they all grinned &urged her to accept. #vss365 #lovelines #MuseMon
Anne Bohannon 09/07/2018 01:28
Neither Arden or Shirk remembered the previous evening. They counted the bottles strewn about and stopped after the number got shamefully high. They examined their bruises to deduce who destroyed the dining chair. "Never again," Shirk said. Arden snorted. "Next weekend." #MuseMon
Troy B. Kechely 09/07/2018 01:24
“So how many beers is it taking?” Jim’s question was blunt with no levity in its tone. “What do you mean?” Clint questioned back, a bit taken by his dad’s inquiry. “To sleep without any nightmares. How many beers?” #MuseMon
Craytus Jones 09/07/2018 01:20
The alcohol hits me like a heatwave. I begin to wobble and sweat. I knew I shouldn't have come out drinking with these nuns. I'll probably wake up naked in the baptismal again. Did they dose me? Seems like this room is full of people who want me dead. #MuseMon #Lovelines #vss365
Sonia Rogers 09/07/2018 12:54
Violet’s head was throbbing. She groaned, feeling her heartbeat in her temples. “How you feeling?” Jerry whispered the words but it was still too loud for her sensitive condition. “Why did you let me drink so much? I never drink alcohol!” “LET you? Have you met you?”#MuseMon
"I like a woman with scars and tattoos." Ian winked at Meg over his Guinness. "Because I like a woman who's got stories to tell, and her body is a treasure map of the road she's travelled." "Who says you get to see my map?" Meg picked at her nails with a paper umbrella. #MuseMon
My grandmother always claimed prohibition was a waste of energy. She’d say “A soul in pain will always search for anaesthetic.” #MuseMon #amwriting
Jason H. Abbott 09/07/2018 12:08
The ogress dabbed rubbing alcohol on his nicks and bruises. "Fightin' ten punks in a heatwave for little ol' me? I'm flattered." He contained a wince. "Welcome." "Been an ogre long?" "A couple months. You?" She took off his shirt. "A year... a long year." #LoveLines #MuseMon
Adrienne Clarke 09/07/2018 11:58
She has whittled away the hours drinking vodka and devising complicated scenarios in her head that would explain everything. She wants to believe in her stories more than she wants to breathe. #MuseMon
Thomas Murch 09/07/2018 08:34
"You know something? You seem much less irritating when I'm drunk. It's true what they say! Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!" #MuseMon
Jessica Ryn 09/07/2018 07:45
Back then, good financial planning meant convincing the bus driver we were under sixteen, and filling soda-pop bottles with cheap, neat vodka. #MuseMon #MoodMon
Lexi Lefevre 09/07/2018 07:39
My love is fermenting in the tightest barrel and can imagine no light beyond a relentless, untapped plug. Though quiet, there's no peace to be found unless I can find a way to spill the chaos that lives inside—and I am good at breaking obstacles. #MuseMon #MoodMon #MartialMonday
My love is fermenting in the tightest barrel and can imagine no light beyond a relentless, untapped plug. Though quiet, there's no peace to be found unless I can find a way to spill the chaos that lives inside—and I am good at breaking obstacles. #MuseMon #MoodMon #MartialMonday<br>http://pic.twitter.com/geOYuDyGxG
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