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J.L. Brown 23/04/2018 12:01
He, too, is an enchanter. He befuddles. He confuses. He distracts. He'll have you whiling away the hours, and loving every minute of it. #amWriting ARBOR'S DESCENT #MuseMON
Elisabeth 23/04/2018 09:15
Dawn broke through the velvet sky, their hour of peace dissipating before their eyes as the world emerged from blue-grey tints. #musemon #moodmon
Paul   📚 23/04/2018 09:07
The knight creaked, squeaked, clanged to a halt outside the cave. ‘Ready to fight? The village expects it of me... us.’ The dragon uncoiled from his slumber and poked a sleepy head into sunlight. ‘I’m making tea if you’d like to chat for an hour instead?’ #StGeorgesDay #MuseMon
Tamsin Seymour 23/04/2018 09:03
At last, sleep brings a softly-spinning glitterball of dreams to fend off the dark. I wish this peaceful hour would stretch to dawn. Sadly, my bladder has other ideas. #MuseMon #MoodMon
SA Stovall, Author 23/04/2018 08:40
"Our father would be spinning in his grave." "Are you kidding me? He's doing a goddamn barrel roll right about now." #musemon
A.J. Upton 23/04/2018 08:08
"The hour is late, as is our chance for a peaceful end. This night will mark the moment we told the bastards of eastside that 'street dogs' fight like the animals we've been named." #MuseMon
Craytus Jones 23/04/2018 07:52
At this hour, anyone not sleeping is suspect. Ulterior motives crawl streets like shadows. Fear drips from cracked eyes. I limp homeward, copper taste of blood in my mouth, and a purpled left cheek; carrying the truth like a dead friend. #MuseMon #LoveLines #murdermonday
Eric Lahti 23/04/2018 05:15
People call 3am the Witching Hour. Supposedly, that was when the witches went about their wanton ways. It's been my experience that witches are out wandering around all the time and may or may not be up to anything wanton. #MuseMon
Eric Lahti 23/04/2018 05:12
"You've failed, Steven. Just like you always fail. Don't worry, it won't take days or hours. In the blink of an eye it will all be over. You can rest easy knowing your power is in my hands and I will abuse it wisely." #MuseMon
Lillian Blaire 16/04/2018 01:27
The sky deepens from violet to sapphire high above my head, then dissolves from yellow to muted orange as it approaches the horizon. “Are you even listening to me?” “Of course,” I lie. I'm watching the streetlights flicker on across town like fireflies coming to life. #MuseMon
A.J. Upton 16/04/2018 11:48
"A fire smoulders within the beast of our own creation. It feeds on our ugliness... our fears. Make its face known to you- not because it's unique in nature, but because it looks like all of us. If we don't seek change, it becomes immortal." #MuseMon
Chris 16/04/2018 09:24
#MuseMon The fire, a hungry predator, stalked the brown dry hills, smoke and embers stung eyes and lit spot fires in a deathly dance.
Elisabeth 16/04/2018 09:10
Fire and smoke danced; a game of chase that cannot cease until the embers dwindle. #musemon
Tamsin Seymour 16/04/2018 09:02
Her tongue had the lick of fire. Approached with caution, it could warm the heart. But, throw on the wrong fuel, and the furious sparks would singe your soul. #MuseMon #MoodMon
A.J. Upton 16/04/2018 08:54
Her eyes told of a thousand tears. Some so old they had changed her face forever. but, beyond that- beyond the twitching of wet sadness, he could sense a fire building to the surface. #musemon
C Alexandra 16/04/2018 07:07
"Women are naturally beloved to the Goddess--they are her daughters. They stoke the fires and break the bread. They are the bearers of life. Your wife is your lodestone; she binds you to the land and to your home. You must respect her or the gods will strike you down." #MuseMon
Lexi Lefevre 16/04/2018 06:53
She's known to wander dark places, vexed about a beauty she longs to possess. To look into her eyes is to become trapped in the hellfire of betrayal's rage. Such an act has been rumoured to leave mortal souls in welts and bruises. #MuseMon #LoveLines #MartialMonday #MoodMon
She's known to wander dark places, vexed about a beauty she longs to possess. To look into her eyes is to become trapped in the hellfire of betrayal's rage. Such an act has been rumoured to leave mortal souls in welts and bruises. #MuseMon #LoveLines #MartialMonday #MoodMon<br>http://pic.twitter.com/OO0LgAWc8j
Emma Cox 16/04/2018 06:26
The noise settled like dust until only the moaning wind and the crackle of the fire could be heard. #MuseMon
K.N. Hyatt 16/04/2018 06:21
“Everywhere you go, you light the land on fire. If every woman were like you, the world would burn.” Her eyes bore into his. “Look around, Levidian. The world is smoldering, and it’s left to women like me to keep it from catching.” #musemon
K Kibbee 16/04/2018 06:01
A mean summer storm knocked out power to half of Lafayette and sent fool folk scurrying through the streets like headless hens. But Mama...she just scooped up fireflies in mason jars and lit the belly of our old farmhouse alive with stories 'til the moon shone with envy. #MuseMon
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